GM Infinite Review Bangalore GM Group

GM Infinite Review Bangalore GM Group

The GM Infinite Group has a humble beginning in real estate way back in 1962 when it was started primarily to carry out the construction business. But, of late, it has successfully evolved into a professionally managed large Group which is being managed by a team of highly skilled & experienced persons led by the Chairman & Managing Director Mr.Gulam Mustafa who is a second generation technocrat. The Group has already completed a large number of prestigious real estate projects in India in the Government as well as the private sector. The activities, so far , have been mainly concentrated in the states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh in India but the GM infinite Review Group is now fully geared up to execute projects in all parts of India and abroad. The management and the leadership team of the group have excellent academic record and suitable vast experience in execution of prestigious projects.

The Past Track Record

The Group has so far successfully completed various projects in Infrastructure, Hospitality, Housing, Commercial, Educational & Medical sectors and also in other areas like Office Complexes, Special Economic Zones, etc. The group has executed projects worth over INR 5.5 Billion since inception and developed over 50 million square feet of the constructed spaces. A list of past projects executed is enclosed which clearly demonstrates the vast experience of the Group GM Infinite Review Bangalore in the construction sector.

Our Strength

The strength of Group also lies in the fact that it has successfully built an excellent pool of manpower talent including skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled human resources with suitable qualification & experienced and having an average of over 15 years of industry expertise and experience. The Group has also invested heavily in technology ,Plant, Machinery & other equipment required for the construction sector .This enables the Group to carry out all the activities involved in-house thus sparing the need to outsource any of its activities which adds to the competitiveness of the business.

The emphasis of the group has been on the value engineering, which is the most vital element in the construction sector to remain competitive. Large investments in this business had been made by the Group in the past and its endeavor has always been to give a prominent locus to the R&D within the organization. The Group also provides training to its executives on a regular basis to update them on the latest trends and developments in the construction sector. The Group, GM infinite over a period and during the course of its activities, has been in constant search for innovations so as to have better control on costs, timely completion of projects and attaining the highest level of quality in the works.

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